Bonnie Alexander Enterprises 


Cats Can Swim Necklaces bring together fun, whimsy, style and polish. Each piece is either hand-designed by me or added to the collection because it caught my fancy. Most pieces are combinations of vintage elements or pairings of old and new bling.  Enjoy shopping online or FaceTime me for a personalized tour of the collection. -- Bonnie

Dog Collars

I'M Not A Dog collars are designed for dogs who do not believe they are dogs. From simple shirt collars to over-the-top diamond bling collars, you will find the perfect accoutrement for your stylish canine. Show your dog you understand.

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Jewelry Workshops

Fall in love with your jewelry again! Forgotten, damaged, or outdated jewelry?  Let's bring your old bling out of the dark and transform it into fabulous new fashion statements. In Cats Can Swim jewelry workshops, we look at your jewelry together and assess the design potential.4-2636

Pressed Dress

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Earring Organizers

Let your pierced earrings shine! This high-density urethane shape provides easy access to your bling with added panache. Perfect gift-giving.


Geo Purses

Fabulous, durable and eye-catching totes. Don't leave home without them.

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iPhone Carriers

Go-Cords are the definitive solution to iphone-searching-mania. Designed by Barbie Bewerunge, the transparent iPhone holder and colorful cords are perfect for travel and everyday life when you need two hands to function. Choose the correct model for your phone series and one of four cord colors. Free up your hands and free up your mind.


Car Console Guards

Console Snakes are designed so you can stop losing your keys, credit cards, pens, and french fries between your console and front seats. It's a jungle in your car! 


Glass Wall Art

Bonnie Alexander creates contemporary glass art like you have never seen. 3-D glass "paintings" are crafted from handmade artisan glass with abstract designs and vibrant colors. The art pieces appear to float from the wall making bold and beautiful statements in architectural settings from the bedroom to the boardroom.


Glass Blocks

3-dimensional contemporary glass blocks in a variety of shapes. Mix, match, stack, and lean. Create your own masterpieces limited only by your imagination.